TestArchitect Release Notes

TestArchitect 8.5 Update 1

Release Date: May 2020

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Download PDF for Linux
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Download PDF of License Server for Windows
Download PDF of License Server for Linux
  • Please note
  • Before upgrading to the latest version of TestArchitect, it is strongly recommended that you back up all repositories and check in all test artifacts.
  • TestArchitect Client and Repository Server to which it connects should share the same Major version.

What's New in TestArchitect 8.5 Update 1

The following new features and improvements are introduced in the latest version of TestArchitect running on Windows.

TestArchitect Client

Enhancements to existing features

  • Repository Versioning: From 8.5 Update 1 onward, as long as TestArchitect Client and Repository Server share the same major version number, they can work with each other without any compatibility problems.

TestArchitect Automation

New features

  • SAP Support: TestArchitect support for SAP has been complete for all major controls and the following SAP controls have been newly supported:

    • Calendar

    • Richtext

    • Frame

    • Password field

    • Status bar

    • Combo-box

    Additionally, TestArchitect now supports unlock container classes and class mapping for SAP.

Enhancements to existing features

  • Support for Chrome 80, 81 and Firefox 74, 75: Now you can run automated tests for web pages displayed in the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox.

    Execute command in Window JP: Support two encoding types of charset in execute command:

    • Shift-JIS: Encodes the file with Shift-JIS format. Recommended for use with Windows with Japanese characters.

    • UTF-8: Encodes the file with UTF-8 format.

TestArchitect License Server

Enhancements to existing features

  • Annual Subscription: TestArchitect now uses an annual subscription based model. Once a customer purchases an annual subscription, they can use the software and download all software updates for the next year. The price includes professional support & maintenance costs. It will provide a more streamlined approach for customers to adopt TestArchitect.

System Requirements

Recommended system requirements

The following table lists the recommended hardware and software requirements for TestArchitect.

TestArchitect Client/Controller with small-scale Repository Server Production-scale Repository Server (up to 15 concurrent connections, 1GB repository)
Operating system Windows 7 or newer (Learn more) Windows 2008 / 2012 / 2016 / 2019 Server
HDD At least 2.5GB available space Available space of at least 2GB plus the total aggregate size of all databases
CPU 2 GHz dual-core or faster 3.1 GHz quad-core

Additional Resources

For more information, please visit our website at www.testarchitect.com or email us at [email protected].

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