TestArchitect Release Notes

TestArchitect 8.5

Release Date: January 2020

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  • Please note
  • Before upgrading to the latest version of TestArchitect, it is strongly recommended that you back up all repositories and check in all test artifacts.
  • A TestArchitect client and any repository server to which it connects must be the same version.

What's New in TestArchitect 8.5

The following new features and improvements are introduced in the latest version of TestArchitect running on Windows.

TestArchitect Client

Enhancements to existing features

  • Delete a TestArchitect repository: Now when you delete a repository using the TestArchitect Repository Server Control Panel, you no longer have to stop the repository first, you can delete it immediately.

TestArchitect Automation

New features

  • SAP automation support: SAP software includes many powerful enterprise tools. From now on, TestArchitect supports interacting with SAP, with a focus on SAP BW (Business Warehouse).

    Built-In Actions for SAP: New Built-In Actions specifically for working with SAP tree-list and tree-table.

Enhancements to existing features

  • Support for Chrome 79 and Firefox 71: Now you can run automated tests for web pages displayed in the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox.

    Python 3: TestArchitect now supports using Python 3 to implement TestArchitect actions.

Known Issues

  • Firefox 70+:There is an issue with geckodriver. Some computers may experience issues when navigating in webdriver mode.

  • Due to changes in the WebDriver coordinate calculation algorithm, there may be a slight deviation of coordinates in relevant built-in actions with Generic Web Driver Mode (GWD) on Chrome 75. For precision, please re-calculate your positions and coordinates.
    Note: These changes do not effect non-GWD mode.

  • Certain BIA may not behave we expected when SAP cells are obscured by a scrollbar or off the screen. It's best to use the TestArchitect scroll action to reveal the full table before using actions on table cells.

  • When using the action Count Child Node on an SAP Tree List control, you must first use the expand Built-In Action.

  • SAP BW controls use a lazy loading method, so please make sure that you make them visible first (manually or with a BIA) before interacting with them in order to get correct results.

System Requirements

Recommended system requirements

The following table lists the recommended hardware and software requirements for TestArchitect.

TestArchitect Client/Controller with small-scale Repository Server Production-scale Repository Server (up to 15 concurrent connections, 1GB repository)
Operating system Windows 7 or newer (Learn more) Windows 2008 / 2012 / 2016 / 2019 Server
HDD At least 2.5GB available space Available space of at least 2GB plus the total aggregate size of all databases
CPU 2 GHz dual-core or faster 3.1 GHz quad-core

Additional Resources

For more information, please visit our website at www.testarchitect.com or email us at [email protected].

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